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    Regional Folk Music of Keskin

    Keskin and Kırşehir constitute the epicentre of the Central Anatolian Folk Music inherited from “abdal” culture. This world-renowned music style is mainly performed with drums, zurna (traditional double-reed woodwind instrument), bağlama (stringed musical instrument), violin and spoons. Keskin folk songs express blues with bozlaks and happiness with traditional dance music.

    Keskin’s Folk Dances with “Davul” & “Zurna”

    Inherited from “abdal” culture, and especially performed in feasts and weddings, Kırşehir and Keskin regions’ folk dances accompanied by drum & zurna (traditional double-reed woodwind instrument) offer a matchless experience to its audience. The special halay dance called slow halay, contrary to other Anatolian halays, has a very slow rhythm and a particular philosophy.